Learn Dutch @ Buzzing Strijp-S Eindhoven!

Welcome to DutchStrijp-S   

Are you interested in learning Dutch and looking for a suitable language school? After reading this blog you will know why DutchStrijp-S might be the best fit for you. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax! 

The beginning

DutchStrijp-S was founded as an initiative of Werkvloertaal BV. Werkvloertaal is located in Deurne, Helmond, Eindhoven, Best and Tilburg and specializes in courses ‘inburgering’ and ‘Staatsexamen NT2’. When Werkvloertaal decided to open their establishment in Strijp-S, Eindhoven, an opportunity arose to organize Dutch classes for expats due to the many expats living and working in the Strijp-S area. After a short period, DutchStrijp-S was founded and we began organizing Dutch classes for expats in the early morning and evening, right before and after work.


Our goals and believes

We know that living and working in a new country can come with many challenges. Maybe you are struggling to meet new people, have trouble communicating with Dutch residents, or simply want to feel at home. At DutchStrijp-S we believe that language is the solution! By learning Dutch, you will be able to feel more connected with your environment. You can have a chat with your Dutch neighbors, find your way around the grocery store and meet new people. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your new residence.


Our method

Learning a new language should be fun and accessible for all expats. Therefore, we mainly focus on learning Dutch by speaking and listening in an interactive classroom. In small classes you will talk with your fellow students about everyday subjects, all under guidance of one of our experienced teachers. By actively speaking Dutch you will be able to connect with people in your environment as fast as possible!


Free meeting

Are you interested in one of our course options, or have any further questions? Then make sure to get in touch! We will invite you for a free meeting and answers al your questions while enjoying a cup of coffee. On our ‘contact’ page you will find all our contact information. We hope to see you soon at buzzing Strijp-S!