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Meet our students: Christian Randolph  

Welcome to our first ever blog! In our blogs, we will share our students’ experiences, introduce our teachers and update you on our courses and activities. Today we will share the story of Christian Randolph, one of our first ever students!

Meet Christian

A couple of years ago Christian and his wife Taylor decided to leave the Sunshine State of Florida for an adventure in Eindhoven. The opportunity arouse to work at Philips, High-Tech Campus, in The Netherlands. They were both extremely eager and excited to live in a new country, learn a new language and explore Europe. Their live as expats had started! 


Christian’s impressions of The Netherlands 

When arriving in Eindhoven, Christian’s first impressions were very positive. One of the first things he noticed where the number of bikes riding around the city centre! He loved the vibrance of the city and the diversity in people as many expats from all over the world have found their way to Eindhoven. A big difference for Christian in comparison to Florida was the weather. Which…let’s be honest can be quite unpredictable in the City of Light.  


Learning the Dutch language

Christian always found languages to be extremely interesting and edifying. Therefore, it was no surprise that he was very excited to learn Dutch. In his attempt to participate in his new Dutch environment, he thought it was appropriate and respectful to learn the language of a country that had welcomed him very warmly.

One day, Christian’s wife Taylor stumbled across a flyer of DutchStrijp-S while working at the Videolab in Strijp-S. As they were looking for a Dutch course in Eindhoven, they decided to get in touch. Their first impressions of DutchStrijp-S were so positive, that they decided to sign up for a Dutch course. At the time, Christian and Taylor where one of our first ever students.

Now, many courses and Dutch classes later, Christian looks back on a successful period as being one of our students: “I enjoyed most the class sizes and interaction with the instructors. Emphasis was placed on doing rather than just on note taking and lecturing, which was helpful for me. I think the balance of required time investment, cost, and quality of instruction is very good.”

What did Christian gain from learning Dutch?

After completing several Dutch courses at DutchStrijp-S, Christian felt more confident in using the Dutch language in a variety of settings. He had an easier time communicating with Dutch colleagues, neighbors and friends, and discovered that learning Dutch gave his social life a boost! 

Learn Dutch at DutchStrijp-S!

Are you an expat living in Eindhoven and interested in learning Dutch? And do you want to know more about the course options at DutchStrijp-S? Then make sure to contact us and we will help you find the best course for your needs and situation!