Learn Dutch @ Buzzing Strijp-S Eindhoven!

Coordinator at DutchStrijp-S

If you are already familiar with DutchStrijp-S you have probably met Ilja or Debbie! Ilja is currently the coordinator of DutchStrijp-S and will make sure to give our students the best experience during their courses. Before Ilja, Debbie used to be the coordinator of DutchStrijp-S and is therefore a well-known face at our location on Strijp-S. In this blog you will learn more about the work of a coordinator and how they will guide you from start to finish! 

The first moment of contact 

When you are interested in signing up for a course at DutchStrijp-S, the coordinator will be the first person you will talk to. Often, a free meeting will be arranged. While enjoying a cup of coffee the coordinator will tell you everything you need to know about DutchStrijp-S. You will learn about our course levels, get to see our classrooms, and get familiar with our teaching method. During the meeting the coordinator will also assess your Dutch level by having a short conversation in Dutch. Based on your level, we will make sure that you enter the right Dutch course! 

During the course and afterwards 

If our students have any questions during their course or run into any problems, the coordinator is there to help. She will always be available to answer your questions and help you where needed. If you have successfully finished your course, the coordinator will contact you to discuss your experiences with the course and if you would be interested in following a higher-level Dutch course. 

Come say hi! 

Did you know that besides working at DutchStrijp-S, Ilja loves to dance? Or did you know that Debbie is currently working on her own children’s book? When you run in to Ilja or Debbie make sure to say hi and have a little chat!